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Get Ready to do things differently

APC triathlon training kicks off with a skills assessment, we look at what you are doing well and where we can improve. Technique corrections across your swim, bike and run will save you time and reduce your risk of injury.


Being a successful triathlete is about making the most of opportunities 

APC will ensure you are getting the most from your training time, the focus is on quality and effort. Training and race day nutrition are an important part of your training plan. The APC approach also considers your cross training and your recovery schedule. 

Transition training sessions will ensure you're relaxed on race day and you're not wasting time by being unprepared.

APC gives you the tools and the support to push yourself as an athlete so you get the results you want

Your coach and your training plan will take care of all the variables so you can concentrate on your training. Set your goals and get

ready to smash them.  

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